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About Us

World Changing Technologies Pte LtdWe meld technology and needs into solutions.

We manufacture, distribute, market and sell electrostatic spraying systems and antimicrobial coatings. Microbecide® Electrostatic Sprayer Systems, TiO2Ag PCO Sealant and Silver Ion Complex are custom manufactured by World Changing Technologies Pte Ltd at our GMP compliant, ISO-Class 7 certified manufacturing facility in Singapore, with additional manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and Indonesia. Microbecide® Electrostatic Sprayers, TiO2Ag PCO Sealant and Silver Ion Complex are distributed world wide by a global network of Microbecide Partners (List of Partners).

Microbecide® TiO2Ag PCO Sealant is custom manufactured to combine Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), Ionic Silver (Ag+) and Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) into a unique, non-corrosive, long acting Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) sealant which provides an active photocatalytic oxidation function on coated surfaces for up to one year. Microbecide® Silver Ion Complex is electrolytically-generated silver ions stabilized in citric acid as silver dihydrogen citrate. Microbecide® Silver Ion Complex is highly effective, broad spectrum, non-corrosive and odorless, with unparalleled antimicrobial performance and significant residual activity.

Focused on technologies and products designed to significantly enhance performance in medical, dermatological, industrial and veterinary applications, Microbecide® brand products provide exceptional solutions as antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial agents and health defenses against dangerous microorganisms. Our US EPA approved antimicrobial coating coupled with our TiO2Ag PCO Sealant and applied with a Microbecide® Electrostatic Sprayer provide integrated solutions to numerous global health challenges.

We direct our ongoing energies and resources towards the following objectives:

  • Distribution and sale of new, innovative technologies and products for a variety of governmental, institutional, commercial, and professional use applications.
  • Establish strategic relationships and attract alliances to develop and collaborate in technology investigations to expand market share, and increase sales volumes for newly developed products.
  • Increase exposure and capitalize on related sales opportunities of our technologies, products and manufacturing capabilities to governmental, medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and veterinary clients.
  • Expand our global distribution network.
  • Maximize shareholder value.

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